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Ian Cooper of Tracgrip Hydraulics & Equipment Ltd. in New Zealand
Ian Cooper

Technical Sales Manager

Murray Dommett

Sales & Service Coordinator

Elton Daly of Tracgrip Hydraulics & Equipment Ltd. in New Zealand
Elton Daly
Technical Engineer

Hydraulic Systems and Engineering Services in New Zealand

Tracgrip’s hydraulic gurus can design a new hydraulic system and upgrade or troubleshoot existing systems. With an extensive knowledge of hydraulic components both new and old your system can be designed with the latest in components or existing components replaced or upgraded. We also offer tailored preventive maintenance programmes to keep your existing system operational for years to come.

Tracgrip systems include several unique design features and the optimum choice of the best international components to ensure efficient performance and a dramatic reduction in unscheduled maintenance. Tracgrip can undertake total responsibility for system design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning.

Tracgrip’s design team offers the benefit of 50 years involvement in the industry for hydraulic engineering, prototype development, low maintenance hydraulic power packs and electro hydraulic proportional and servo controlled systems. We represents many of the world’s leading hydraulic manufacturers and our applications engineers have an enviable reputation for the successful design of power packs and control systems for all industries.

Contact us and see what we can do for you.

Some of our specialties

Some of our specialties include:
  • Hydraulic power packs
  • Oil Sampling and testing
  • Industrial hydraulics
  • Hydraulic winches
  • Hydraulic equipment
  • Hydraulic filters
  • Hydraulic test equipment
  • Hydraulic oil filters
  • Hose & fittings
  • Hydraulic valves
  • Hydraulic pumps & valves
  • Hydraulic test equipment
  • Oil coolers

Our range of components

  Gear pumps
Gear pumps, Gear motors, Flow dividers, Piston pumps, Control valves
CETOP 3,5,7 Solenoid valves and modules, Bankable solenoid valves, Proportional valves, Sub hoses , Relief valves, 6 Port diverter valves, Solenoid actuator
Parker Arlon
Filters and elements, Tank-top - inline - pressure
Piston pumps, Vane pumps, CETOP3,5,7,8 Solenoid valves, Cartridge valving, Motors - Piston - Vane - Gerotor - Geroller (Charlynn), Steering units, Filters, Bell housings, Couplings
Check valves, Ball valves, Rotary selector valves, Needle valves, Pilot check valves, Counterballance and sequence valves
Filters and elements, Parfit elements, Media pressure filters and elements
Manual control valves, Monoblock, Gerotor and Geroller motors, Steering units
Bell housings coupling, Filters - tank top - spin on, CETOP 3&5 Manifolds, SAE Flanges
Cartridge valves, Counterballance valves, Sequence valves, Double pump unloader valve
Accumulators, Coolers - Air blast - Winter plate - Shell tube, Mahle elements and accessories
  Radial piston motors
Radial piston motors
Closed loop hydrostatic transmission, 20 series, 90 series, 46 series plus parts
Gearboxes, Motors, Pumps & Vales
Closed loop hydrostatic transmission pumps 8-34cc/rev, Parts for 20 series Sundstrand, Linde and Rexroth
Log splitter pumps and cylinders
Manual control valves, 6 Port diverter valves - Manual and electric operation, Load sensing control
valves, Pressure compensated load sensing control valve
Hose and Fittings
Hansa Tmp
Hand pumps, Hydraulic accessories, PTO step up boxes, Closed loop pumps 8-34cc/rev, Accumulators
Rotary actuators
20 series and 90 series Sundstrand pumps and spares
Log splitter valves, diverter valves, 3-Port pressure compensated flow controls, Depth control valves
Accumulators 100cc to 3000cc gas capacity
Log splitter pumps
Internal gear pumps, Cartridge valves
DC Powerpacks, Pressure compensated in-line flow controls
Hand pumps
Piston pumps and motors
DC Powerpack
Servo valves, radial piston pumps, Servo valve repair
Oilgear Towler
Pumps, Motors, Valves
DC Electric clutches
DC Electric clutches
Winches - Hydraulic and Mechanical
Winches - Hydraulic and Mechanical
Lake Monitors
Flow meters, Flow monitors
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